About Us

Frank Sciotto Co-Founder Bar 41™

Frank Sciotto
Co-Founder Bar 41™

Bar41™ not only beats out the competition in the wine-based, premixed cocktail category …our products outshine spirit-based cocktails, consistently, in consumer taste tests.

Out of the craft cocktail  movement has emerged the need for high-end, premixed wine cocktails.

In the past bars and restaurants with beer and wine licensees (Type 41 in California) were presented with two ill-fated choices: don’t offer customers cocktails, or; offer customers sub-standard cocktails created from low-alcohol volume sake or sochu/soju. Beer and wine licensees can finally offer a cocktail that delivers on the nose, front-, mid- and back-palate. Our cocktails don’t just taste like they should – they taste better than many spirits-based versions.

Bar41™ revolutionizes the beer and wine cocktail space. Using only original ingredients, and created under the direction of award-winning craft mixologists, Bar41™’s portfolio stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the most revered and popular spirit based cocktails available.

“We are relentless perfectionists in creating our cocktails. Serve proudly.”
-Frank Sciotto of Bar41™