Bar41™ Bloody Mary Wine Cocktail

This maven of the morning was coined the “world’s most complex cocktail” by the Daily Telegraph’s Max Davidson because of the number of ingredients that go into it. Our Bloody Mary has a wonderful vodka-based flavor with the perfect salty-sweet tomato taste countered with soothing celery. Its overall savory quality is evenly balanced with citrus notes. Mustard aromas complete this sensory remedy.

Bar 41™ Bloody Mary

Bar 41™ Bloody Mary

15% Alcohol by Volume

Made From Other Than Standard Orange Wine With Natural Flavors, and Caramel Color.

Shake bottle well.
Salt the rim of a 14 oz. Highball Glass and fill with ice.
Fill a cocktail shaker with 5 oz. of
Bar41™ Bloody Mary Cocktail and ice.
Place top on shaker and give 3-4 shakes.
Strain into Highball Glass.
Garnish with celery, a strip of bacon, and asparagus for our original.
To spice it up, add a variety of hot sauces and/or peppers.