Bar41™ Mojito Wine Cocktail

We have created a refreshing, thirst-quenching cocktail in our Bar41™ Mojito.

The fantastic aroma of mint is upfront as the citrus sinks into the lower palate. No syrupy flavors here. Just bright, citrus, zesty natural flavors set against an aged-rum-like taste.

Bar 41™ Mojito

Bar 41™ Mojito

18% Alcohol by Volume

Made From Other Than Standard Orange Wine With Natural Flavors.

Shake bottle well.
Place 2-3 mint leaves and 2 limes in bottom of a Highball Glass. Do not muddle.
Fill glass with ice.
Pour 4 oz. Bar41™ Mojito Cocktail into glass.
Add 1.5 oz. of Club Soda.
With an empty shaker, pour the contents of the glass into the shaker, and then back into the glass about 3 times, so the ingredients mix but do not agitate the carbonation from the soda.
Garnish with lime on the rim.