How It’s Made

Bar 41™ Mojito HMP 01 copyAlcohol is derived from potatoes, corn, agave, grapes, oranges, rye, apples and barley…and the list goes on.

Bar41™ products are made with alcohol derived from fruit but the alcohol percentages are retained so that the finished product matches that of spirit-based cocktails in alcohol proof. The alcohol is reduced to a refined, clean state and then original ingredients are added.

For example, our Bar41™ Dirty Martini uses high quality olive juice, while our Bar41™ Mojito contains specially sourced mint essence. The entire Bar41™ portfolio contains superior ingredients to those found at most fully licensed establishments and offers consistency to you and your customer.

But it’s not just for beer and wine licensed establishments. Bar41™ Cocktails benefit any establishment that wants to ensure its customers are served premium-quality, exquisitely made, consistent cocktails that over-deliver, every time.

Check out our Cocktail Collection for preparation suggestions and flavor profiles.